The facility is well-equipped with bioreactors and downstream processingequipment for scaling up the production of industrially important microorganisms, chemicals and enzymes. The stirred tank bioreactors available are at various scales including:

  • 2 L
  • 5 L
  • 10 L
  • 50 L
  • 100 L
  • 200 L

The bioreactors are equipped with precise control system for pH, temperature, dissolve oxygen, agitation speed, air flow rate, foaming and culture level. The downstream processing equipment available here includes pilot scale semi continuous centrifuge, high pressure homogenizer, pilot scale tangential flow filtration system, disk stack centrifuge, pilot scale freeze dryer and pilot scale rotary evaporator. In addition, up to date computer programs for simulation, modelling, simulation and optimization of bioprocess are also available in this unit.This facility is available for research, training, process development and also contract production. For equipment rental, please refer (pdf)

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